Manor on High Epping – Arrive in Style

Planning a wedding at Manor on High Epping? You need high impact Cadillac wedding car hire to match!

Luxury abounds at this exclusive venue, which caters to weddings of almost any size and has a variety of rooms available in the one convenient location. Manor on High Epping provides couples and guests with a one-of-a-kind experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Whether you choose to celebrate in The Grand Ballroom, The Georgian Room, or The Regency Room, you’ll be spoilt beyond your wildest dreams. Alternatively, get married in one of our stunning courtyards and share your day and night with guests while enjoying fresh air, sunshine, and stars.

Manor on High Epping

For something extra, The Cigar Lounge’s relaxed atmosphere is sure to delight everyone. Chill out and sip on a coffee made by your personal barista or choose from a selection of quality wine and spirits.

Manor on High Epping is a unique wedding venue that calls for equally distinctive wedding car hire. A head-turning Cadillac is the perfect choice for discerning couples who want to make an elegant statement upon arrival.

Book one vehicle or book a few – your wedding photos will look incredible with iconic Cadillacs as a backdrop. Choose from our red, pink, or white convertibles or sedans and feel like a movie star on the most exciting day of your life.

And it’s not just the exceptional vehicle you’re getting when you book Caddyman Cadillac hire. Along with stunning transportation, you also enjoy white ribbons and tulle, refreshments for the bridal party, red carpet, and umbrellas and shawls in case of rain or extreme sun (perfect for Melbourne). You also get your own uniformed, licensed, and experienced chauffeur.

To view our vehicles, discuss our car hire packages, or secure your Manor on High Cadillac hire today, contact the team at Caddyman, Melbourne’s “King of Cadillacs”!