Arrive in style with Melbourne iconic wedding car hire

Fast, fantastic and above all else look nothing but amazing in photos – CADDYMAN has the must have wheels for your Melbourne iconic wedding car hire.


If you’re in the throes of planning your impending nuptials and you’re looking for a beautiful ride, you can have the pick of our Melbourne iconic wedding car hire, a 1962 Cadillac in red or a 1959 Rose Pink Pearl classic Cadillac Convertible.

Make a lasting impression by hiring one of our standout Cadillac Convertibles for your Melbourne iconic wedding car hire. CADDYMAN’s car hire will make your big day even more unique, as we are one of a few operators in Victoria offering the 1959 and 1962 Classic Cadillacs in red and Rose Pink Pearl.

Image below of 1962 Cadillac at Sofitel Melbourne

Caddyman Iconic Wedding Car Hire Melbourne


Caddyman Iconic Wedding Car Hire Melbourne

Feel like a movie star arriving at a big premiere (your wedding of course!) and cruise along with the top up or down, the choice is yours! But we highly recommend a pose or two without the roof in the shot – you can thank us later!


Your wedding day is the greatest opportunity to show off and have heads turning. What better way to get your guests talking than turning up in a sleek, stylish and glamourous Cadillac. At CADDYMAN, we have been providing wedding car services for many years, so we feel we know a thing or two about delivering brides and grooms to their all-important destination.


When it comes to your special day, we want you to focus on the day itself and not have to worry about any of the little details. Our chauffeured service means we’ll transport you on time and take you wherever you need to go, from getting ready to your ceremony, off for the super important photos (don’t forget to feature the gorgeous red ride as well!) and of course back to your reception to mingle with family and friends. We’re all about creating a reliable, convenient and easy-to-use service that will have your day going off without a hitch!

Image below of 1962 Cadillac at Melbourne Tramway Musuem

Caddyman Iconic Wedding Car Hire (1)


If you’re dreaming of riding in a 1962 Red or 1959 Rose Pink Pearl Cadillac convertible on your wedding day, CADDYMAN will ensure every part of that dream comes true and so much more!

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